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Hip Hop dance classes – kids to adults.

Straight from the streets to the classroom our hip hop classes are designed to get you moving. Set to the newest and phattest beats, students will learn the basic hip hop moves and funky routines.

Hip hop dance refers to mainly street dance, usually danced to hip hop or rap music. Hip hop culture is big today and when students take hip hip classes they also get to experience the fun side of this!! Our Hiphop dance classes include a wide range of styles such as breaking, popping, locking, krumping, and house dance. It also includes hiphop styles such as old school hip hop (or hype), hip hop new style and freestyle. Hip-hop dance is very popular today and students will learn a variety of moves they can show off to their friends!! We offer hip hop dance classes for kids and adults.

Hip Hop dance benefits

Hip hop dancing promotes coordination and agility, it increases fitness encourages confidence, on and off the dance floor. Our Hip hop dance lessons use the latest sounds in RnB, Urban, Rap, Dance Music & Pop, to make the classes diverse, energetic and fun! Hip Hop's dance elements of breaking, poppin' n locking, as well as freestyle movement give students the opportunity to develop their own dance style.

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